Creating an environment of respect for children, parents and colleagues

Current Children

" Always a kind smile from the girls, very helpful to know everyone is genuinely kind ""

"Upbeat, caring and enthusiastic staff . Structured activities with lots of outside play too."

"Thank-you so much for everything! I cannot believe it is only a year and a half ago since I was very emotional during the settling in sessions !"

"Having been at the nursery for 5.5 years, we feel we are aprt of the family and therer's not been one day I've been worried about the boys while in your care. "

I am really pleased with the overall experience. When I have worries or concerns, J's Key Person has always been very open and helpful. J really loves nursery. All of the fun, varied and exciting activities mean that he loves going. The staff are fantastic and very attentive.

Staff are very friendly and supportive and give all their time and attention to the children. They do everything they can to make sure childrern have a pleasant experience and journey at nursery. 

Leavers 2019

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the years of love, cuddles, support and teaching you have given C and F over the years. It's been like an extended family and we will miss you all massively. 

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Leavers 2017 & 2018

" The staff are amazing, I honestly cannot fault them. They do a great job, and most importantly, are nurturing. My two girls are confident, kind and sociable. My four year old (not yet started school) can write lots of words ! I'm so proud of them, and I believe a lot of their confidence comes from nursery.... The Toddler Room really go the extra mile ."

"I can't thank you all enough for all you have done for { } in his 2 years at nursery. You have all played such an important role in his development. It has been such a comfort knowing what lovely caring hands he has been in."

"The Nursery has been part of our lives for so long and we will miss you very much."

"The information regarding B's development and next steps has been extremely detailed and I have appreciated the amount of time and effort that has gone into creating her profile."

"It feels like all the staff are like a family and really care for all the children in the nursery."

"I've learnt a lot and had lots of fun. I'm sure nursery will be quieter without me !"

"She's never once not wanted to come in and her confidence and abilities both academically and socially have increased leaps and bounds."

"T has thoroughly enjoyed himself at nursery and has developed into a lovely young boy for which we have you to thank !"

"He loves it ! He doesn't want to leave at times to come home. Also, he knows the way to nursery!"  

"He has enjoyed every minute of his time at nursery and always came home with a smile on his face."

" You put your heart into each child you care for and it has been a privilege to have you care for S.... Won't be long before we're back with new demands, now challenges and a new baby boy for you to cuddle".

" [  ] has greatly enjoyed his time here with all the wonderful staff who have shown him ( and us) such care and attention. We will be moving away from Wilmslow and hope we can find a nursery that adds that special something that exists here."

"We have been dreading saying goodbye !....I always felt they were in safe hands"

" His speech is fantastic, and he can name and talk about all sorts of things, he knows songs and stories off by heart."

"Whenever we have concerns, they are well listened to and any issues promptly dealt with "

We are impressed with the Nursery's teaching techniques and hard work. Big thank-you!!!"